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No time to write?

English not your first language?

Know what you want to say but can't find the words?

Feel like your text does not convey your business the way you would like it to?

You've found the solution.
Clean Page copywriting and proofreading is efficient, affordable and professional.
I choose the right words to spell out your message and brand so you can focus on building
your business.
No stress. No half-jobs. Just a friendly, personalised service, where understanding your
business and mission is everything.
The text must be perfect.
Let's start a clean page.
 Deborah Nicholls-Lee
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Clean Page Copy and Proofreading

Quick Polish

An express proofreading service focusing on grammar, spelling, punctuation, and idiom.

If you've written the text but it needs a bit of smoothing over, this is the one for you.

Deep Clean

A full proofreading of the text plus extensive reworking of the copy. 

Bespoke Copy

Unique copy that is customised to meet your needs and gets to the heart of your business.

Hotline Help

An email service that allows you to get help at short notice.


Ideal for social media updates, newsletters, and client emails, where you need to communicate quickly and professionally in perfect English.

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