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Who am I and how can I help you?


Where are you from?

I am a British national who moved to the Netherlands from London in 2009.

What do you do?

I am a freelance journalist, copywriter and proofreader. Examples of my work can be seen here.

Which languages do you speak?

My mother tongue is English. I also speak French and Dutch. 

I worked for 15 years as a Modern Languages teacher before focusing on my writing career. I have taught French, German, English Literature, and English as a Foreign Language. I understand the mistakes than non-native speakers make and can explain why something else is more suitable.

How do you manage to work so quickly?

Years of marking students’ work and helping them prepare applications for university gave me a good eye for what needs improving. Later, my work as a content editior commissioning and editing articles and as a freelance journalist for major UK publications taught me how to create texts that communicate clearly and succinctly.

Can you help me with formatting and punctuation?

Of course! I have worked as an editor, preparing articles for publication, and am aware of the importance of layout and can give you guidance. Maybe your text needs breaking up into smaller pieces? Perhaps bullet points would assist your reader?

Correct punctuation is an essential part of presenting your business professionally. As an editor, proofreader, and former English teacher, punctuation is second nature to me.

So, you can write, but can you market my business?

Yes. I have produced advertorials for many businesses and get very positive feedback from my clients.

Having worked as a social media manager, I understand how to keep your readers interested and broaden your reach.

I take time to get to know your business and gain a sense of your brand, message, and target market. Visit my portfolio and search under ‘commercial’ to see examples of my work with businesses.

Other FAQs

My English is not very good. Can you translate my copy?

If it’s in French, yes. The rate is the same as for copywriting. We can also co-write texts, discussing what you want to say and working on the copy together.

How much time will you need to complete the work?

The time required varies depending on the length and content of the text. For proofreading, the accuracy of the original text is also a factor. Sometimes, I may need to seek clarification or discuss ideas with you. We also need to allow time for a second proofread once the text is online. This way we can identify any issues with spacing or punctuation and do a final check on the wording.

Before beginning any work, I offer a free consultation. We look at the task and I estimate the time required and the fee.

I need short texts or words checking from time to time. Can you help?

Yes. For a quick response to shorter tasks, you can sign up for my Hotline Help. This way you can contact me with questions about English or get me to check shorter texts like emails, social media updates, or posters. You get a quick reply and the reassurance that what you publish is perfect.

What is ‘Bespoke Copy’?

Bespoke copy is custom-made copy created just for you. You provide me with the basic information and I produce beautiful copy that communicates what you need to say. It’s a hassle-free option where you do not need to produce any copy yourself.

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